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Giovanni Trambusti

Francesco Trambusti
Production Manager

Giacomo trambusti
Account Manager

Tommaso trambusti
Account Manager

Andrea Setti
Logistics Manager and Sales Management

Simone Pierattini
ITC Technician

Veronica Trambusti
Administrative Office Head

Silvia Guidi
Accounting Officer and suppliers

Valentina Picchi
General Accounting Officer and customers

Eleonora Pagni
Quality Compliance Office

Chianti Trambusti S.r.l

Chianti Trambusti S.r.l
Via Pistoiese 151-153
50145 Firenze - Italia

Tel. 0039 (55) 317264 / 317858
Fax. 0039 (55) 301183

Estate Poggio ai Mandorli

Via Poggio ai mandorli 43
50022 Strada in Chianti (FI)

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